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Originally Posted by bivash View Post
Hey guys, I've been bargaining with the BC dealership on the 335i special edition sedan for a day or two now. I've brought them down to this:

$50,800 for the car
$2195 freight and PDI
$150 for all weather floor mats
$500 wheel locks/anti theft registration (is this really necessary?)
$500 lease/finance fee
300+20+100 for documentation, tire levy, and A/C tax

GST at 5%
finance rate of 1.9%

What do you guys think? I'm still asking for some more off because the sales lady had informed me that it had 200 km, then after recieving the quote it was listed at 950 km. Should I still be paying freight and PDI on a car with 950 km? Is it still considered brand new?

I feel like im getting close to owning this awesome car!

I have everything and my price was 61,800 an then I got 3k off. If the 1000km on the car isn't heavy usage, it is a great great deal they are offering you.