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Originally Posted by Bobby_Sardells View Post
my car is great,
it's still exciting as hell, and the torque feels unlimited

still iffy on the wheels though, ...i know, im the only one lol
I also thought about swapping because every car now adays has these wheels (335is) and this car...I see them all the time. Only thing is these wheels are very strong for 19" wheels. Very resilient against bends/cracks.

Originally Posted by firsttimer View Post
Love the car, still want to do lots of tweaks to it.

Has anyone put different summer tires on, is there anyway to put thicker tires on (bigger wall) to close that gap. I know the run flats that came with it are a really low profile.
Really shouldn't do this. The speedo is programed for a certain rolling diameter. If you change tire size, you alter the rolling diameter and it messes things up. Your speedo will be off, mileage, etc. Also, might start to rub when your turning cause the tire may hit the inside wheel wells.

Suspension change is the only way to close the gap between the fender and the wheel.

Originally Posted by cgy-jim View Post
The low profiles look killer but they freak me out when I hit a bump or a pavement transition! Still love the car- makes me smile like a kid.
Like I said above. 313's are pretty tough but I agree. Whenever running 19's you shreek whenever you hit a pot hole or a big bump, even train tracks lol. I slow right down...sometimes people get upset but they aren't replacing my wheels if they get bent lol.