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Originally Posted by pjuhlin View Post
I just talked to BMW NA and they said that this issue was a maintenance issue and they would not cover it because I was outside the factory warranty!!!!!!

This is insane and once again a crappy situation.

My only last step is to talk to the Service Manager and get him to bark up the right trees.

Let me know if there are any other suggestions on what to do.
Maintenance issue as in you did not do the proper maintenance or as in this issue is standard maintenance? Either way, more detail please.

Keep pushing with BMW NA and escalate further within that organization (or above) if needed. Keep asking question, question, question until you have enough information to use to your advantage. Keep detailed notes of each conversation. Who you spoke to, what was said, etc. put things in writing to them along with your calls documenting time stamps of conversations, maintenance histories, etc. Eventually, it costs them less to fix the issue than to deal with you. ...or if its not worth that to you, just pay for it & perform the repair.

Don't forget, you can also put pressure on your insurance company. Get your t&cs out and read. If needed, see if BMW will write you (or be signatory to) a letter stating that it is not an emissions issue, but, rather, an issue which should be covered per the T&Cs of the agreement with the insurance company. Don't forget, most insurance companies will always turn down gray area issues unless pushed.

Keep in mind, though, your time is valuable as well. If I told you that it would take you 4 weeks of your time to keep you from paying for 2 grand in repairs, would it be worth it? Just keep it in mind.

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