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Originally Posted by longliven54 View Post
am not sure how comfy you are with a DIY project. i had chrome rims too, gave it a really nice sanding/scrub/rinse. apply vehicle rim specific primer(VHT) for a primer base and choice of paint on top of it(again vht). these paints are super durable and are meant to withstand rock chips/ salt and such.
a clear coat on top keeps things clean and shiny.
i did mine early 2012. took me about 3 days to sand/clean and paint them. another 3 days for them to dry before putting them on. needless to say, this way is only good if you have a spare set of wheels that you can swap on while you are painting your set. no paint chips or problems with the painted rim so far. $40(paint, sanding papers, rags and gloves) spent in total + case of beer giving me company.
I may give this a try. Thank you.

Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
I'm guessing if a shop really know what they are doing painting the chrome won't be a problem. But thats IF they know what they are doing.
Problem with that is, apparently the only way to really get rid of the chrome plating is to use acid which of course is for some reason illegal in Illinois from what I've heard from 2 reputable shops. They send all of their chroming/dechroming out of the state and can be quite pricey. I found a shop in Cali that'd do it for $50 a wheel which isn't to bad but shipping the wheels there and getting them back would run me about $250 each way.

Chrome plating is a bitch. There's layers of it and if there's bubbling or it's not perfect, sandblasting won't fix the imperfections. I really should have done my research prior to buying these wheels.