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For your consideration..... 335d E92 :

I bought it afew months ago, nicely spec'd but totally stock.
Bluetooth & cradle
Pro Nav
Audio upgrade
High beam assist
Black optic pack
DAB radio
rear sun protection glass
+ afew other trinkets i've forgotten i dare say

Was happy enough with the car, but i always feel compelled to put my own stamp on my vehicles

So it looked like this :

The day i collected the car, i added my CRDT tuning box....for safe over taking you understand

Added the MFD scoops and a pipercross panel filter for extra engine breathing too

Then, i needed to change afew things that were niggling away it me.
I despise the "bad earth" look to the angle eye rings, so i changed the std H8 bulbs to LED variants with a 6000k burn temp to give it the similar look to the factory Xenons
I also changed the number plate lamps to LED variants, but they are a tad brighter than i had hoped for, but still, look OK for now - 6000k again
Not a massive chrome fan, so i bought the BMW Performance grilles for the front, massive improvement aesthetically

Next up came the wheels, i love the std MSport ones, but due to a rather large pothole, two of them were damaged.
Wanted to steer away from runflats again, i decided, as it's coming upto winter, i'd buy a set of CSL reps and some winter use tyres (not winter tyres)

Duely, these arrived, CSL reps and tyres (Velocity VB3 and Falken FK452's)
Although dubious of the tyres, i have to confess, for a cheap shitter fo a tyre, they perform reasonable well, and apparently i'm not one for hanging about in my cars)

I had secured a set of 15mm and 12mm Eibach spacer from Paul (Fast M3) on here in prep for the wheels.

Fitted the hubcentric spacers along with the wheels and tyres

I had a set of Eibach Pro springs waiting to go on also (never got round to fitting them to the other coupe), so these also got thrown into the mix
The combo of wheels, tyres (just alittle strech), spec's and springs have given my the look and performance i wanted

I've extremely impressed how well matched the Eibach Pro springs are to the std MSport dampers - tbh, they feel a better match than standard springs !

As i had, from a previous car, some light lens film, i covered the front fog's in this, no other reason than because i could tbh !

And so, here's my current work van :

Comments, good and bad are welcome