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Originally Posted by Mr.F1 Fan View Post
True, but my life experiences from travel have been priceless and while caution and personal security are a top priority when I travel, I have not been detered so far. Maybe I am a fool, but I have been to and live in 4 countires in Africa, and have yet to feel unwelcome. I am sure I will find the same to be true in Egypt if I am so fortunate to end up there on my way to Kenya. I guess I am just not a fearful person in that way. I am glad for that.

I agree that you can't live in fear like that - if so, none of us would leave the house. But I have to say, when I hear the news announcing that another American has been kidnapped or killed in some middle east country, my first thought is usually "what the hell were they doing over there?". It's a shame when the culture and even the government of these countries makes it well known that they would love to kill us all. I guess for me it's a matter of calculated risk... which right now seems like poor odds. I hope that changes!

Originally Posted by txusa03 View Post
you did not bring your camera for a once in a lifetime priceless event? No love for those who are not priviledged enuf to see it
No photography allowed... as you might imagine. That would be even more annoying if the masses of asshole Americans who flipped a coin and decided to herd themselves through this exhibit instead of going to the mall today could be snapping away with their cameras! It was bad enough having to listen to them yell at their kids the whole time.

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