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Originally Posted by mastrchee View Post
whats the difference between the CRD-T and the Spyder? I'm looking for a box, but CBA to get it programmed for my 320D 163. Doesnt this have the switches to program like in the spyder? let me know - i'm interested, but on the fence because of the programming part!
I have never heard of the Spyder box so can't really comment on that. However i can tell you that the DTUK CRD-T is a multi channel box which monitors and adjusts the fuel mapping (via the common rail plug) and the turbo pressure (via the turbo boost plug). Nearly all other tuning boxes only adjust the fuelling via the common rail, i am yet to see another box that does both fuel and air, which is obviously better.

The box has 4 different fuelling and boost maps which each have a further 7 fine tuning settings, from -30% to +30%. This is all adjustable via jumper pins.

If you require more information/reviews on this box, have a read of that link i sent you, and also google the box. You will see tons of threads on it

Regarding reprogramming, its not that complicated. If you are genuinely interested then let me know, and i'll see what i can do re the reprogramming.