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Originally Posted by N0OS3 View Post
if you run xenon, then they are plug-n-play as far as i know. Though, you may need some coding because of the LED turn signal. From the looks of the pics in your sig, you should be okay.

They cost around $700 for a pair, you can find them on Tischer or Ebay... they'll be about the same price no matter which vendor you choose. I would search the classifieds first and then branch out to find the best possible price to fit your budget.
Yea 700 is a very far stretch i just did this and its no plug in play you have to rewire the xenon's and the angle eyes as well as the high beams and shutter. Its no easy task but if you ask me its worth the 2 grand i spent. Looks hella good. You can find the lights alot cheaper on craigslist though got mine for 400 in perfect condition except a rouge ground. I sent them to lightwrekz to be worked on and it turned out perfect.