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Originally Posted by Templar View Post

Not a direct insult, but in a round about way... They were specifically asked about blogs (some written by military stationed outside the US) about not being able to connect and stuff. The guy said if you can't connect to the internet, get a 360. Kinda screwed up...
Ok... I get it now lol. When I was over there (long time ago) we did have certain "hUB" locations on some of the more established bases that would have an XBOX and or a Play Station for Service members to play on in their down time. Kinda like going to the gym, or the phone/computer trailers to contact home.

Of course, there were no online capabilities on the game consoles, so we would either play a fighting game or split screen shooter to allow for multiple people to get a chance to play within a limited time window.

Either way, Service members overseas will not be accessing their live accounts on any gaming platforms anytime soon, but hopefully they come back home in one piece, then they can rack up on all the gaming experiences they have been missing, lol.
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