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Originally Posted by Danny@COBB View Post
If the AccessPORT is completely uninstalled from your vehicle, then yes, your original factory-installed map is back on there and there are no traces of the AccessPORT's existence.

We do recommend that if you're taking the car in for service, to UNINSTALL the AccessPORT prior to taking it to the dealership. Then ReInstalling when you get the car back.

With all AccessPORTs, once installed to a vehicle, it will stay "married" to it until you decide to un-marry the AccessPORT from that vehicle. I'm sure I can say that we have a better track record than celebrity couples.

I'm not sure about how the OTS Stg 2+ maps will be handled, but expect something similar to how the rest of our OTS maps are currently handled in our map database. (readily available for download)
Now I am deeply in love with the cobb tuning and want to get marry with it~~ ! When will it be support euro spec 07 335i ? can I just get the hardware now and wait for the software to support that?