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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
Would Dinan Oil Cooler, Cool Air Intake, Intercooler, and Free Flow Exaust be sufficient for stage 2 and 3 to come ?
Generally speaking Stage2 calibrations support vehicles with free flowing exhaust with at least one high-flow catalytic converter in the exhaust stream. Stage3 calibrations are usually intended for supporting performance hardware using an upgraded turbo.
Originally Posted by mycoupe View Post
Yessir. I always run 93 and I believe the posted dynos for JB and Proceed show higher hp numbers, but equal tq numbers as the AccessPORT when on 93. Just wondering what would cause their to be an HP difference when the tq is equal, because isn't hp just factored from the tq at that rpm?
The measured power numbers also depends on the chassis dyno used. We employ a Mustang load-based chassis dyno which will increase the load put on the vehicle as vehicle speed increases to simulate real world driving conditions (increased vehicle speeds increase aerodynamic forces-drag on the vehicle). Dynojets and other inertial dynos do not do this so they tend to overstate higher RPM power numbers IMO.

Ideally, we would like to see some customers testing their vehicles before and after AccessPORT installation on a chassis dyno so some external verification can come from someone other than COBB. Once numbers come in from other external testers, we can start comparing power numbers.
Originally Posted by blisstik View Post
Will there be a map for FMIC, catless downpipes with stocks secondaries and exhaust?
Much of what we do is respond to community demand. If a good number of people in the community all share the same hardware combination, then it make sense for our calibration team to focus efforts on generating calibrations for that combination. We usually correspond with the community through our forums where we will host polls to assess this information. We will be sure to let you know once some polls are up.


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