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Originally Posted by Q4P View Post
Unfortunately, young age is the time to have all those things...

Pure personal opinion but when I am over 60, I will absolutely care less about money... the same goes with a 401k, retirement and the like. When you are that old needs should be minimal and you should have lived you're life to the fullest when you were young by that point. I feel like everone in this country has that backward only to be sorely disappointed when they hit that grandpa age and actually have that money and have no idea what to do with it or don't have that health to take advantage of it.

Just my honest 2c.
I know a lot of succesful people (own private jets and stuff) and they tell me the same thing. "Go buy a Ferrari, worry about being responsible later, enjoy life while you can, fuck women while you don't need viagra" <- actual quote

@OP: Success is basically being able to do what you want to do without feeling anxious doing it.
Stop looking at the next guy, don't try to keep up with the Joneses as the old adage goes. You'll drive yourself to insanity.
For a lot of people I am what people want to be, and I look at other people and say "wow, I want to be this guy". It never ends, it's never enough no matter how much you make. Find things YOU like and not for what it would look towards the asshole next door.

Success is a state of mind. I know people who feel more successful than me with so much less than I have