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Very nice bike mate. I didn't like them at first because both side, including the lights aren't the same and thought it looked odd. After seeing one in the flesh I was won over. Very well made bike and oozes quality, especially with the Akra on it.

I just can't wait to get the RC8 out of the garage when the temp pics up a bit and get riding again. My car will deffo take a back seat to the bike this year. Not taking mine on track as its too much of an arse to swap the exhaust back. May buy a cheap gixer track bike for that.

Good luck with the racing, keep us updated.

Gaz I think the slick mode can only be activated after its first service by the dealer, as far as I know it's the 'rawest' mode.

I've been on the RSV 4 and it felt very nice. I'd love to try the Beemer.