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Originally Posted by Ron1n View Post
Just spent about half an hour on the phone with Lenny. For my situation, he thinks they can do what I'm asking, but without a local car to test what they've got, there's some concern about viability. I'm trying to figure out exactly what has to be done at the dealership in order for the car to run with minimal concern for damage. I'm considering having all the sensors replaced and leaving the DPF as is (they've stated that the DPF is currently clogged...still trying to figure that out, considering it happened in less than 18 hours after picking up my car) until I can get the DPF cored out or have a down pipe fabbed, or picking one up from a company like Ecotune and then just having the coding done here.
Ronin, do you want me to check with my shop to see if they can fabricate a pipe based on my car then ship to you?

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