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As BMW owners, what is the rental car of choice when traveling outside the USA?

Heading over to Europe next month and I'm debating with what rental to go with. Reached the 25th mark recently and I'm actually kind of excited in finally being able to make it my own choice. I have been to Europe many times before, (being Portuguese and having relatives there), and when I was younger legal to drive but not able to rent, I'd whip around in the family rental that would usually be slow and/or heavy. Having owned and driven several different manufacturer of vehicles (Volvo, Subaru, Ford, Audi, and now BMW), as much as I would like to see what a 1 series diesel is like out there, I am kind of leaning more towards seeing all the hype of a VW golf tdi. Selection is based on your country destination of course, and if you look hard enough, you'd be surprised what you might find especially from the local rental companies. Heck, even Hertz has a VO 1M out there which yes obviously I was curious to get the outrageous quote on. Lol. Diesel or Petrol is not a big distinction for me, however, with diesel being the much more economical choice there, I'd be more comfortable in driving it around more without having to fuel as often as with a petrol motor. And I'm not transporting many people or bags, just possibly one other person, so something compact would be ideal.

So I thought it'd be fun and interesting just to see what some of you tend to do whether you prefer sticking with same manufacturer and maybe even model, or go with something completely different. For me, I appreciate having a feel for how much I appreciate my own vehicle when I return home yet a 1-series there could still be completely different. Stumped.