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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
today the 29th of August is Michael Jacksons Birthday, 49th birthday infact

Im sure you guys all agree with me he is somewhat of a legend, revolutionised the music industry for ever!!

Producing AWE-inspiring dance routines and fabulous music:rocks:

His distinctive style, moves, and vocals have inspired, influenced, and spawned a whole generation of hip hop, pop, and R&B artists

And according to the guinness book of records the ''Most Successful Entertainer of all Time''

To produce Videos like ''Thriller'' back in the day like he did was simply ''Un-real'' and even by todays standards out performs many newer videos!!


I can't quite believe that you are a serious fan

I actually saw Jacko live once (briefly) having snuck into his gig in roundhay park in leeds. He did his jet pack stunt (supposedly).

I'm pretty sure that the guy in the jet pack wasn't Michael Jackson. I'm also more of less certain that the guy we see in the news is an imposter.

Let's consider the evidence .. he doesn't LOOK like Michael Jackson. Has anyone ever done a DNA test to see who he really is?

I think it's all very sinister. My theory is that he is either:

1. An imposter
2. A robot (perhaps controlled by the scientologists).

It's also quite suspicious that he is identical in appearance to his alledged 'sister' Latoya .. despite the fact that he is supposed to have had extensive plastic surgery ..

My conclusion is that they are both robots, or perhaps the same robot, but with removable bosoms.