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Originally Posted by d2_unit View Post
hi Guys,

IM picking up my car in a few weeks and am still unclear on a few points....When i pick the car up it will already be i bring it home and:

1. wash it
2. clay it
3. seal it...

does it need another polish before it is sealed?

sorry for the silly question, i just want to make sure i get it right...
Sorry for the late reply. Polish is sort of a misnomer; some people use it to describe abrasive compounding (usually as a reference to light compounding) and some people use it to describe sealing paint. If your car doesn't have swirls/imperfections you will not need an abrasive. Abrasives are the only aspect of detailing that is really for aesthetics only (for the most part); no damage, don't remove paint. So a wash, clay, and seal is probably sufficient. If you do have some marring you can lightly polish it away. Alternatively you could use a chemical cleaner after the clay/before sealing (which I like to do) to further clean the paint, make it even more smooth, and add some base protection for your sealant. There are a lot of good chemical cleaners - Klasse All In One, P21S gloss enhancing polish, Jeffs Werkstatt Prime, etc...

But for cliffs notes; no, you don't need to polish unless you have marring.