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Fenders are now rolled.. What size rear tire?

Ok thanks to Alex and Kevin at AK Motorwerk in NJ was rear fenders were rolled successfully for a very affordable price. So Im going to be getting tires for avant garde 310s Im having powder coated. Front tires will be 235/35/19s and Im not sure what rears to put. I was going to go with 245/35/19s because I couldnt find anyone to roll the rear fenders for me. But will 265 rears now work with no rubbing issues? I am lowered on KW
V1s. And the rear wheels are +22 offset. They are off an E46 M3. So a pretty aggressive fitment. I want to stay away from rubbing issues. But not sure if the
265/30/19s will fit with no rubbing. Anyone have any ideas? Heres how my car sits now.
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