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Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
Not really that pumped about the S4, since Sammy screwed us by giving is a dual core phone while the rest of the world got a quad core.
Pretty sure the Galaxy S 3 is quad core. At least the international version is a Quad-core Exynos. Pretty much the cream of the crop right now in the mobile space.

Let's also not forget that Samsung manufacturers all of Apple's A5/A6 chips they use in the iPhones. On the GS4 stuff, I can think of at least one other major mobile company that releases a new version of their (i)phone per year.

Anyways, the time tables for Galaxy S phones in the last 2 years is fairly consistent. GS2 released in March internationally then brought to the US in October 2011. GS3 released internationally in June, US came 2 weeks later. If anything the GS3 was late, and the GS4 is Samsung getting back on track. Samsung also seems to be consolidating their product launches more each iteration, their problem is that they host to a much more global market and only recently started focusing on the US so much.

I will agree though that 3rd party support for Android is definitely not as good. Primarily because of the diversity of phone dimensions and port locations. Android needs to get out of the shroud of the subsidized phone to really compete with all of the benefits that iPhones enjoy in the market. Or they at least need to start preventing the individual carriers from bastardizing each version of the phone so much. The GS3 was definitely a step in the right direction in this.