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Originally Posted by Juiced46 View Post
Your source is correct. Same applied to my place. You cannot order the 261s. Basically if you have 261s in stock, they want the dealer to use those first. However they cannot be ordered. If you order a 261 the order gets cancelled and you get 079s. If its an N63 it MUST get 079s. If you are trying to install less then 6 injectors, it MUST get 6 new 079s, unless there are 261s available.

We have had many N54s in the shop in the past few weeks that needed 1 to 3 injectors. All of them had to get 6 079s because of zero availability on the 261s
Yep, that's the way I took the situation as well. It's actually a good thing for guys still under warranty -- meaning if even 1 injector fails, a complete, updated set is installed. Sucks if you're out of warranty, though. I'd suspect a lot of aftermarket parts suppliers have a good stock of the "261" injectors still available, too.

Originally Posted by DarkNemesis View Post
Can someone tell me, what injectors I should be having?
2007 335i Sedan.
Built sept 2006 per Realoem.

Currently all 6 are:

Thx in advance and interesting read.
If you need one or more injectors replaced, you can try to buy 13 53 7 585 261. Problem is, you probably won't find these at a BMW dealership as they are being phased out. Through BMW, the only real option right now is getting a set of 6 "improved" injectors, part # 13 53 8 616 079. You are not supposed to mix the new "079" injectors with the older style on the same engine. Hope that helps.