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Originally Posted by **********s III View Post
Potholes aren't as bad as NY but through downtown LA with KW V2's they're not bad at all, a lot better from the other suspensions I've seen before. It's not just all about comfort though, it's about the suspensions durability to hold up. Suspensions can fail, but with KW you have that extra added comfort of knowing that you have a set of KW's which are TUV certified and are ultra strong...

I'm a big advocate of KW ever since I got the V2's on my car, and it really is something that every real modder should get on their car. To be honest, I think you have a better chance of bending forged wheels in a pothole than this suspension getting damaged. Also remember, KW holds a lifetime warranty as well, so you have double protection there
I already have the v3's (haven't installed yet). Im actually looking to see if a oem bushing for the front ca would make the ride feel less stiffer on potholes or should go with powerflex which I know is stiffer.
kw lifetime warranty

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