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Poor service on 335d (2nd time round FFS)

Just had the 335d in today for its 2nd service. WHAT A JOKE
Was quoted 600 quid but as it needed discs all round and an inspection it cost me including vat over 1100 squid

On top of that it was filled with the correct amount of oil AGAIN (REMEMBER LAST time they left it under the minimum mark) well it was half way between the min and max, so they added half a litre.

Then i check the service book and they put in there my car had 60k on it When it infact has 37k... so they have messed up my service book with unsightly crosses to cross out the WRONGLY filled in mileage

So once AGAIN i feel let down by BMW and there shitsie dealerships.

On the ONLY plus side they have ordered me two new door handles and also a new passenger seat base as it was squeeking. But i garantee the door handles wont match the car when they arrive.

Oh yeah i also asked to keep my old brake discs as i honestly cant see them being worn out already. So will get them independantly checked.

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