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Originally Posted by BobVader View Post
Curious Mike... Maybe because at track only 13.1 at 108mph...not very impressive...

anyway my friend have a Challenger srt8...I will try with him very soon on the highway. 30-145, 60-145 and 100-145. I will speak about the results here.

Oh and for info...against the viper the race is neck to neck 65-115 and I pull 1 1/2 car on him after that (I stop at 145 because limiter) But see the face driver of Viper... The guys is very confused...


**Mike UR DP come this week...**
can't wait to see what up do with the Downpieps--its the biggest thing in my opinion after the tune. I am positive you will be in the elevens too!

Yeah--when you see an srt8 at the track they don't look all that impressive in stock form--like you say-the one you saw ran 13.1 at 108. Just remember thats a 4300 lb. car--that has to be feathered on the launch without DRs--and your and my car when stock-run around 13.4-13.6 stock at 105.

SRT8 owners can go on the internet and order a diablo handheld tuner for $350, and in 5 munutes tune their car. Now that same car will run 12.7-12.8-or low to mid 12s on Drag Radials. But what the tuner really does is remove the huge amounts of factory torque mnagement that comes in those cars.

they can get a cam ($500) tune on a dyno with diablo ($800) and exhaust ($1000) and now they are 440-450 to the rear wheels and will run low 12s all day on street tires.

All I am saying is be careful the comparisons when we are all running tunes--JB3 makes your car somewhere around 370-400 to the wheels with race gas. and people always want to compare that to a STOCK srt8 (375-382 rwhp) which weighs 500 lbs more than our cars. Compare apples to apples. Stock to stock--the srt8s will hang with us and beat us on the longer roll races.

The original poster didn't do anything wrong--got called out by a cocky kid that doesn' know jack about cars.

By the way--if your friend in the challenger races you like you say--roll races--you wil still beat him. but thats because your modded and he is not.

Let me know how it turns out..
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