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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
Humm - If it's 20 mile can't you get a cab? It'll probably cost about 30 which given the fuel any member would use won't be much more than you'd pay even for a lift.
Maybe - would be more like 40 though. Seems a lot after paying 54 to get from Banbury to Bodmin!

Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
Or else drive man! Is that hour worth 30 to you?
Don't understand that comment

Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
ps. What car???
Very boring I'm afraid. A replacement for my wife's 7 year old Touran - a 3 year old Touran!! Asking price was a good 3.5k less than comparbale cars.

Will probably end up getting the train all the way to Newquay as I suspect that it's putting someone out for a relatively small gain in time. I just thought I would ask in case someone was interested to help. If someone had a similar need in my area, or wanted me to check out a car for sale near me on their behalf, I would be only to happy to help without asking for anything (inc petrol money) in return. However I do understand that it's in working hours and some folk may not have the necessary flexibility.

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