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Originally Posted by Lotus99 View Post
Interesting... This is the first time I recall hearing your V4's only put out 80W total vs 70W stock. Wonder why that info was never presented before when you were selling the V4's? Maybe because it doesn't sound very impressive vs. stock? But 120W for V5 vs. 70W stock does sound good? LOL...

All the numbers sounds great and look to be way more powerful, but as you've pointed out yourself in your post, numbers aren't always what they seem....

So forgive me if I sound skeptical, but I do wonder though how come as a manufacturer, the first thing you didn't do was put the V4's in a car side by side and take pics... When you obviously have them both in stock.

Basic part of the R&D you would have done I'm sure before releasing deciding to sell them - ensuring they vastly outperform to the human eye, the V4's. So why not share that info?


PS I'm a V4 owner, so I'm not here just to bash...
Sure i understand all of your points. There was no reason in particular that we never released the Wattage equivalent of the V4's other than we never deemed it that important. Since other resellers starting to advertise their lights as a the #'s of W's we decided it was relevant to start providing true and accurate ratings of our lights.

As for pictures, I personally don't have a coupe so its a bit difficult to line up a car that's local to get good pictures. We are working on getting something scheduled however with someone to get these Photo's.

The LUX H8 V4's are no longer for sale and they have been replaced by the V5's as well. These lights are not competing against each other but rather the V5 is a successor to the V4's. We have started to use the latest and greatest Cree LED's to make the V5's brighter. As i mentioned above the output of these lights increased 350 lumen per side to a total of 1200 lm, which is a large enough increase that this can be seen with the human eye. I hope that helps answer your question
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