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Originally Posted by Broken1
I asked a high-end audio shop to replace the front subs under the seats.
Firstly, you need to take the seats off (which also requires changing the bolts)

Secondly, he says they aren't really "sub-woofers" as they are so small. You'll never buy a decent sub for under there, so why bother?

If you find out something more than I know- let me know!!
Hmmmm.. changing the bolts? Doesn't sound that bad, right?

Problem is, the midbass size in the front door is 4", which would make it tricky to get enough bass extension down to naturally mate with a sub. YOu'd have to crossover high, at like 120Hz or so, to avoid a suckout between the 4" midbass and the bass driver. Alternatively, if I could slap in an 8" driver under the seat, I could cover the 80Hz to 800Hz range or so, making an easy transition for the 4" midbass and a sub in the trunk.

Has anyone seen or done an aftermarket speaker installation in the E90??