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This goes out to all the drivers who, like me, tried to diagnose the engine 'vibration' problem at idling, low rpm, and very little but noticeable at higher rpm by reading this thread and was amazed by the responses found. It is fascinating how the general public is strong about their opinions without actually know of the diagnostic. So here it is my troubleshoot for the engine 'vibration' problem with service engine soon light 'ON':
- car has 80K miles
- RMP approximately 600
- cold start or not, engine 'vibration' present
- also while driving at low to high RPM approximately 4000-5000, vibration noticable
- I love this one: Went to the local parts store 'O'reilly auto parts' and tech plugged the OBDII diagnostic reader (free of charge at any of the above parts store) and read the code and the description "Cylinder 3 misfire"
- I came home, not that I did not trust the guy, swapped the ignition coil #3 with #1 and took back the car to O'reilly's.
- Got the same tech to do the diagnostic (he looked at me and said 'we just did that, didn't we?') and told him that I was troubleshooting the ignition coil
- OBDII diagnostic reader read "Cylinder #1 misfire"....VOILA, bad ignition coil (no oil on the ignition coil)
- Ordered one, replaced it, and no vibration
- Took the car back to O'reilly's and had tech plug the OBDII diagnostic reader (different tech). He mentioned no codes were displayed. Asked me my reason for heaving him diagnose my vehicle. Explained what happened above, he tried again to make sure all is well.....and it was. Hope this helps to those who search for answers...and here it is 'Have it diagnosed, BEFORE you start replacing parts that don't need to, while you still have not fixed the problem'

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