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2009 128i
37k miles
Symptoms: at idle, the revs would barely move - maybe 50-100 rpms at most and it wouldn't always happen. However, you could feel like a "thump" as if a lump was passing through the engine and through the exhaust (i know it's not a lump passing through, but it feels like that). Engine rpm would slightly drop when this happens, and happens randomly. Can be felt in the engine and can also be slightly heard in exhaust. Happens when cold, happens when warmed up, happens most always at idle, sometimes worse than others. Doesn't miss during acceleration, pulls nice and smooth.

Final day of factory warranty, brought the car in for service. I pointed it out to the SA and luckily he felt it too. Just got a call from the SA that they diagnosed it as the valvetronic sensor (I'm assuming its the camshaft positioning sensor) needed replacing, so they're fixing that and also putting in a new valve cover gasket.

On my e36 m3, when the camshaft positioning sensor gave out, the symptoms were different in that the car felt damn slow. Engine idled smoother than the 128i and RPMS were also smooth, but there was a ton of power missing. Once the CPS was replaced, power came back. Different engines, different cars, but same part that gives out. Gotta love BMWs.

I'm hopefully picking up the car today, so I'll see if it fixed the problem.