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The Game Just got in……!

The Good:
Awesome Graphics/Physics, Vehicles Behave very life like
3 BMW’s to choose from in this Version E92 M3, 135i, Z4 3.0i
Plus A Hefty Bunch more Manufacturers. The 5 Tracks in the Game Offer Great Fun as well.

The Bad (Or not So Bad)
THIS IS NOT THE FULL Game, That Would be named, “GT 5” Plain and Simple, Just like the Title states this is the “Prologue/Preface/Intro” of what the game would be like…..Can’t think of anything other to add as being bad, even though I don’t think this is bad…..

Is this the same as the free downloadable Demo ?
Not Even Close, this is more like 25% Of the Final game where the Demo is something Around 2-3% w’ only 1 track available, Arcade mode bound, and 5 cars only…!

Was it worth the $45.00 ?

Well…What’s 45 nowdays, seriously….My 335 needed 51.72 today @ the Pump, so YES it’s definitely worthy of a “Tank of Gas” Tag,

Heck….It saved my car from being driven rather spiritedly How can I explain it, it fulfils your “Need for speed”

And I don’t have to worry about killing a 72 year old man making a turn in His 76’ Camaro and ending my future. (Referring to the recent MBenz Vs Mustang Accident)


Buy and Enjoy the Game.

THE GAME IS IN JAPANESE, there is no option to change to English, don’t let that scare you the menus are a breeze to navigate, just remember, when you are asked a Q by a Box YES ? is on the Left and NO? on the right….!


The First time you Put it in the system, make sure you are connected Online since it will need to Download the “codec” for the English System ( as I was told), The Download took 8 Minutes and the Game started right after that.

Hope you all have a Happy~Merry~And most importanly, Safe New Years.