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Talking Car sketches v2.0

Made an old thread with a buncha sketches. Here's two new ones.

One's a BMW concept. Probably a Z9 if it were to ever grace production. A front-engine, rear-wheel supercar.
-I condensed BMW's new design language and also took some cues from GINA and the M1 Hommage. I tried to give it a muscular yet athletic look...a German musclecar almost. I wish I could go back and change the lighting on the hood, because the two outer sculpted surfaces look like black stripes instead. The rear is more of a wreck than anything. I've noticed BMW's designs have taken a subtle Asian approach and tried to use that best here. Unfortunately it looks busy here, mainly due to the tailpipes. What you can't see, because the profile sketch got cropped out, is that the tail is incorporated into a drastic ducktail spoiler.

Second one's a random guess as to what a new-gen S2000 would be. Not finished.

I'll probably update this one much more frequently cuz I'm drawing new shit everyday. Cubicle job - loads of time haha.

*I want to photoshop these and make them legit illustrations, but I don't have PS on me at the moment...

[Edit]: Added more. 'X2' and 'Z10'.
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