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Full Synthetic Vs 100% Synthetic.

There are some differences between 100% synthetic oils vs Full Synthetic, but mainly in the production process.
The Full Synthetic oils are mineral base loaded with some additives that makes them “Synthetic” but the 100% synthetic lubricants are totally lab produced. But does it really mean anything, do we as consumers get better MPG or anything at all in our daily driving.
After 15 days of using Motul 100% synthetic let me say “no”, I keep record of my MPG and after using Castrol and Motul (both LL-01 certified) I can´t find no difference in the day by day use and I really think that our common day driving is the one that counts.

- Same driving experience.
- Same engine performance.
- Same MPG results.

For daily driving it really doesn’t matter if synthetic oil comes from a mammut rib or from a warm summer cloud it makes no difference just find the lubricant that meets the BMW requirements for your engine.