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Originally Posted by 07lilredwagon View Post
I guess you should also check the little battery in your may not be communicating with the car....

but you should hear dings and bells when you open the door or try the lights, the interior lights come on, do you get the usual noises you get when opening the the fuel pump pressurizing the system, ect?

I experimented years ago, I took my 2032 battery out of the fob, and the fob still worked when put into the dash.

imho on an E9x it could be lots of things, but as suggested, the battery is the first place to start. Even on my 1998 Nissan a no crank no start issue involves battery, one of 4 fusible links, ignition switch, negative battery cable, negative solenoid cable, tap on the starter, and that's a 1998. The E9x is many times more complex....good luck.