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Originally Posted by smack View Post
Well you dont clay the car everytime it needs to be washed so you would only use the clay wash mitt when claying is needed. If you wash/clay with the same mitt when you are doing doing your normal routine wash the car is clayed as well and can go straight to polishing or compounding instead of claying the car before claying. Thats the use of this mitt.
this mitt accomplishes nothing. no steps are eliminated at all.

instead of having a separate towel or pad to "clay" with, you get to flip your mitt over and use the rubber side after the car is washed. woopdy doo. Then once the microfiber side accidentally gets contaminated beyond cleaning, or simply gets too worn out, you're left with a rubber pad that's smaller than the autoscrub towel and unable to be hooked up to your machine like the autoscrub pad.

if you want versitility, you're much better off just buying the 6" pad and using it by hand or machine depending on your feelings for the day.