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Originally Posted by psnt1ol View Post
I have both the 3" and 6" Autoscrub as well as the wash mitt. For light contamination or very sensitive paint, the wash mitt is faster. You actually don't use it as a wash mitt. You use it like a clay bar. Spray the area with your favorite lube. Put some ONR in a bucket and use it to rinse out the mitt after every panel. It is a great complimentary addition to a rinseless wash system.

I only use the Autoscrub pads on cars that need medium to heavy paint corrections. In the event that the pads mar the paint, no big deal since I will be doing corrections anyway. I don't take this chance when a car only needs a touch up. I simply don't want to spend extra time to correct any problems that the pads may cause.
you do realize that the auto scrub pad has the same "material" as the wash mitt, right? you could basically just hold the pad in your hand and run it over the car manually if you don't want to use the machine. no need to spend an extra $50 on redundancy