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Originally Posted by coda72 View Post
I have a 2006 Honda CR-V as my daily driver, and the 128i convertible will be my weekend fun car. The 128 will never be used as a daily driver unless I want it to look like a POS in a year. I work in the city and have to parallel park every day, and my Honda's been hit an uncountable number of times by people that don't know how to parallel park and smash into it. If I worked somewhere that had a parking lot, I might drive it more often, but there's no way I'm subjecting my BMW to idiot drivers.
I understand your point. Sorry to hear the drivers in your city are such poor parkers.

I live here in DC and most folks are pretty good at parallel parking. Yes, I've had my E92 dinged and whatnot, but not horribly so. Even so, I bought it to be my daily driver, so that's how I use it. As long as nothing impugning my car's functionality happens, I don't mind and I don't enjoy it any less because of the dings.

Generally, I submit to my insurance company a claim for all the dings to be repaired under my uninsured motorist coverage. I submit this claim about every four years and that helps with keeping my car reasonably decent looking. It's the only thing for which I use the insurance. I haven't had a car accident in the 35 years I've been driving and I want something besides peace of mind for my insurance premiums.

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