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335d DPF light on

On my 335d the DPF light came one a week ago. I have been doing shorter runs of late.
Anyway I read the advice on this and other forums and I took the car for a motorway spin today, about 70mph throughout and kept the engine coolant temp above 75 degrees all the way (drove in 4th mostly) for about 90 mins, I was pushing the car at every opportunity to keep the temp up, it was about 80 degrees on avg.
I didn't notice the car performance change at all so I was dubious that a regen had occurred.

After stopping and starting on the way home the light came on after a few miles, as it does every time I drive it now.

Was this the wrong approach to encourage a regen? Should I be doing steady motorway driving?
AND do I need to get the cable and clear the error before I take it for a driver to encourage a regen?