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Originally Posted by Sumithb13 View Post
LOL, they chose the N54 because of it's tuning potential and they had to get rid of their stock due to the switch to the N55. The next M3 is based on the N55. That should tell you something. Also, it might sound like I'm taking shots at the N54, I'm not. I just consider the N55 to be a better engine. I absolutely adore the 1M and 335is.
Well, the next M3 will use a very heavily modified N55 (S55?) because the N54 is ,as you pointed out, close to it's end of life and the N55 is more efficient.

The M division will extensively rework the N55 before they claim it as a 'performance engine'. The fact that the N54 is a forged engine block probably had something to do with it's selection for the 1M.
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