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Suspension maintenance at 30K

Hi guys,

I'm nearing the 30K mile mark on my car and I'm wondering what sort of suspension maintenance I should be doing (what is worn out, etc.) I drive on very bad roads, full of potholes, streets in the city are cobblestone, the major highway in my country is panel type, so you can feel your car going over individual panels at like 1 per second (thud-thud-thud). I'm in Europe, BTW.

I have heard that after 30k, the lower front arms are worn, but I dunno what this means. I expect this means the bushes are worn? What else should I be replacing?

I'd like to know what M3 parts it makes sense to get at this moment, too. If there is an equivalent m3 part, I'd rather get that then just replace the bush. If there is no m3 part, I'll replace the bush.

1) What should I concentrate on, front/rear?
2) Part numbers, etc. welcome.

I'm considering upgrading the bushes to powerflex wherever applicable:


Any tips, ideas, etc. welcome.