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Like many advanced hobbies… the barrier of entry is complexity and learning curve. It’s not a simple plug and play. But that’s the power of it, is that you have customization and personalization so as you get better you can fine tune it and get more out of it.

The biggest thing for me was not over-powering the force feedback which causes clipping in the forece feedback… basically going around a corner it goes from feeling all the road surface and grip of the tire to all of a sudden just boring smooth resistance. I had a hard time with the DD getting it to give good force feedback and not clip.

Check out fanatec forums, in there ever game has a recommendation for the DD from Fanatec… those were pretty darn good settings to start with. In most cases I lower the turn radius, e.g. instead of 720 degrees I do 540. And I like a little more resistance using the dampener so there is always a bit of sporty tightness to steering.

It’ll take some time to fine tune, but honestly you should be able to be up and running in 30 minutes on every game if you follow fanatec’s recommended settings in the forum.
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