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Originally Posted by longtran View Post
technic, i think this is not going to work.

what i need is an 09 m3 with the exact same set up as mine, so i can try it.
You still will need the FSC codes to get the Nav working... no matter what route (used or new) you take. You have audio right now but it is analog output, if you were planning to do some aftermarket audio then that's what actually you need to bypass the OEM amp. That's no big deal, I can build you a plug 'n play RCA harness like I did for mine (I hope to get a used CIC with analog outputs).

You can also connect that CIC to your car and play a CD to make sure that it in fact will not sound. Hey, it could be possible that for some reason it will sound. Just try it...

The issue is convincing your tech friend to try to talk with somebody at BMWNA to issue a set of FSC codes for this used CIC. Unless there is a requirement that the CIC should be blank for the FSC to be loaded -the OEM document actually does not state that, it only says that without the FSC you will not get Nav but it does not say anything about loading FSC to an used CIC to make it compatible with the VIN of the car- your tech friend should be able to get those FSC and try them in your CIC.

In the worst case, ask your tech to take your used CIC and try it to make it blank with the help of somebody at BMWNA if it is in fact a requirement for FSC being issued.

Booster iDrive retrofit had the same issue with FSC, and his CCC was used. And a BMW tech loaded new FSC into his used CCC and the sucker worked... and that was a full iDrive retrofit and not a swap. I don't know if this is an apples to apples comparison, but it is at least an apples to apples pie, dammit!

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