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I'm a die hard manual driver who has been commuting in super heavy So Cal traffic for over 20 yrs. I made the mistake of trying to convince myself I should buy an auto twice - once because it would allow my wife to drive my car (she almost never did anyway) and another time when I kept spraining my ankle and had a bitch of a time driving stick.

So, after a successive series of manual equipped cars, I bought 2 automatics in a row. I hated it so much, I sold both after a short time and picked up a 335is 6MT and couldn't be happier!

Now, I know better and will never buy an auto or DCT or DSG or any other non-manual equipped car until they stop making them.

6MTs are dinosaurs. They are slower, less efficient, and can be a pain in hours of stop and go traffic. But, they add a massive amount of fun to driving, have a very direct feel, and are virtually indestructible if you decide to add more power.