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The title of this thread should be revised, possibly made a sticky... as it apparently applies to all E90 E92, all years, possibly all models!

I have 14,000 miles on a 2011 335D sport pkg, shadowline.
All four doors creak like a concert, 24-7.
My car is garage kept for weeks at a time. Maybe it sits outside a night or two while traveling. Neither make a difference to the concert I'm hearing.

-> I hand wash my car once a week. Then spray wax it. I'm curious if those who have the major squeaking (from all doors) are those who are washing as often as I. (although I do imagine some here detail every other day!

I haven't tried anything yet. But all of my clients, friends (enthusiasts or not), everyone says, wow this car is amazing, but the creaking sounds are terrible, wtf.

My seals don't appear to be dried up or damaged. They seem to be in excellent condition.
The noises I'm hearing are constant and all speeds, even on smooth even highways, driving straight away, at cruising speed.

Thank you to everyone who has suggested fixes and keep us updated.
Thank you 328idogg for the pics or where exactly to apply!


Originally Posted by Glim View Post
Have been skimming this thread waiting for someone to post '1z Gummi Pfledge' it is the cure for squeaky door seals:

Also, do not wax the door jambs and never put silicone on the rubber door seals.
...this appears to be the safest method to treat the seals. some of the suggestions could have adverse effects.

Originally Posted by RussRamz View Post
OT... This 335d is by far the best overall well rounded daily driver I have ever owned. What a car!
Same here!

One person, in this thread or another, mentioned he lubbed the door hinges and it helped. Anyone else care to comment on this?

I use a product DOW CORNING 111. valve lubricant and sealant - on rubber seals for my convertible/hard top/soft top jeep wrangler. the hard top seals (similar to a targa) are terrible and dry out. this product works well and shares the main ingredient as the gummi product , polydimethylsiloxane, great word4friends word eh?

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