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Originally Posted by mathematics View Post
Same thing just happened to me on i95 in NJ. Driving 70mph and engine cuts off. 36miles til empty and 4 miles from gas station. Car wouldn't turn over just like in your vid. Just dropped it off at the dealer. I hope it was a lack of gas and nothing else. Id be embarrassed for sure, but don't want any other problems. I've driven with it saying 5 miles til empty and never had an issue. I don't know if I buy the accuracy thing.

This happened to my fiancee again on Sunday. This time, her car showed around 37 miles to empty. In addition, the gas gauge/needle was showing 1/4 tank. She took a picture of this on her phone for future proof. Also, about a week or so ago, she actually witnessed the gas gauge moving while she was driving. That, coupled with the fact that she's now run out of gas twice in the past month or so when the car is clearly showing that there is gas left in the tank, clearly shows that something isn't right.

She dropped the car off this morning at BMW of Newport (128i loaner!!) and they said there's definitely something wacky going on. Read something yesterday about a possible TSB on the fuel level sensor, so that MIGHT be related. If so, looks like a simple programming fix will address this.

Hopefully it's nothing major...for her car or for yours. Keep me posted, and I'll do the same.

FYI, the TSB:

2008 Bmw 328xi Fuel System, Gasoline Service Bulletin 286194

NHTSA: Action Number: 10033130 Service Bulletin Number: 286194
Report Date:
Dec 01, 2009Component:
Fuel System, Gasoline
Summary: Bmw vehicles: fuel level sensor repairs. Where it is necessary to replace the right or the left side fuel level sensor due to a failure, the entire pump and housing or delivery unit (suction jet assembly) do not need to be replaced as well.