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My first detail (exterior only)

After about 2 weeks of reading threads on the forum and others as well I decided to finally make a few purchases and do my first detail. I had hoped that I would like the outcome and as a result be happy with the decision to do it myself vs pay someone. I only did the exterior. I am military and had recently come back from deployment so my car had been with the family for 1 year. It had many many swirl marks. .

I had taken a few more before pictures but throughout the lengthy process forgot to take pictures updating my progression . Overall I was very happy with the outcome and look forward to the next time hopefully get it even better. A few times I ran into the problem that the compound seemed to be drying rather quickly than from what I expected. I am not sure if it was due to weather

Well here are the few pics I did remember. Thanks for reading and all comments are welcomed

d/s rear before

d/s rear after meguires 105

d/s rear after meguires 205

trunk before (pic1)

trunk before (pic2)

trunk after (meguires 105)

trunk after (meguires 105)

I forgot to get some of the trunk after the meguires 205 as well as after the sealant.