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Originally Posted by scottp999 View Post
There are so many more important things Vishnu could be doing, like propery documenting everything they have done to date, or explaining to customers who paid for meth kits a month ago, what is the hold up on shipping, or getting the development done on V4, or getting their web site to be more helpful to customers, and the additional map availability that has been discussed for months.
Do you guys have any idea how much coding, testing, and more coding is required to bring these features out? Do you know how much learning and creativity is required in adding all these new features? As someone who does programming myself, I'm amazed at the amount of features they're churning out.

Sometimes I feel like you can't win - he spends his time banging out new features and there are complaints that he's not doing documentation, or meth kits, or whatever else someone wants. He spends his time on that and everyone bitches about getting new features out faster.

I think everyone should be happy that they bought a tune that "keeps on giving." Every one of these updates gives you new features that you don't have to pay for. How many tunes are out there that are one-time things, with no ongoing updates or no features? It's pretty cool we get all these goodies, for free no less, and as often as we do.

That's just my opinion...