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Originally Posted by RajB View Post
Ha ha. Yeah bought a nice Mk7 GTI to replace the old Fabia VRS I had. Bit of an upgrade on the VRS and been a bit nutty as always.

Bought completely stock in August but had some nice options ticked. Was one of the cleanest Iíd seen too and looked stunning in white with the pano roof.

The plan was to keep it stock as itís my daily but once a modder, always a modder.

A car came up for sale in early September that had some superb mods on it and I asked if the seller would be interested in selling the exhaust only. He didnít want to as wanted the car to go as a whole.

So I crazily bought the car instead and then spent 3 weeks swapping everything over :grin:

This is how she started out:

And a nice comparison with the newly acquired modded one:

And how she is now:

The list of mods is substantial and all are genuine high end items so made sense to buy the car and swap the mods.
Maaan that is nice! I had a Mk7 GTD and even in standard form, it is such a nice, all round car. One of the main things I miss is the seating position when compared to the E90.

Love it dude, and the mods are awesome. Always had a soft spot for these in all guises i.e. GTD, GTI, R, etc.
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