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Originally Posted by sheps View Post
I actually reported the woman to the district council dog warden; the dog is a known menace and has had a go at a number of dogs - the example I gave wasn't the first time her dog had launched itself at mine; the first time I managed to put myself between them before it bit Dyl and gave it a fucking good thump and it backed off. Because of Dylan's health he can't be walked as much anymore but when I occasionally do see her out her dog is now muzzled all the time.
It does wind me up when people cant/wont control their dogs. I had a similar experience, my dog was much bigger than the other dog but it still bit her so I rugby kicked it off, then the owner wanted a fight with me Told him if my dog wasnt under control a) his dog would be dead/nearly dead b) he would be looking at two sets of dog bills. Gotta wonder at the owners sometimes