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If you say so.

Originally Posted by Kampfer View Post
No, you only have to be certified to get spiffs (which BMW puts out very few). Most dealerships will not fire people over certification. A dealership only cares about numbers and a good GM and salesmanager will look the other way. For salesman if he sells between 10-15 cars then no manager will care what he does as long as he keeps his numbers up. Salesman will get certified and thats only due to testing being spread out over 90 or more days.

Most of the 20+ salesmen are what they call Bonecollectors meaning they get their numbers due to house deals. If you talk to a manager to get your deal then the manager will either sell the car himself and put it in the name of a salesman he likes or hand you off to a salesman he likes. When you see 20+ salesman they are either bone collectors, internet salesman, or old established sales people who no longer have to greet people to get sales... there business is all referrals.

Also it is very naive to expect someone to remember every detail of a car.