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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
This would apply to more than just Obama. As for the "what about..." argument, its clear that the whole thread is a "what about Obama" response to criticism towards another politician that the creator of this thread has historically and vehemently supported. One can logically deduce that hypocrisy isn't unique to either person: but that's not the picture the OP wanted to paint. That would be too reasonable.
I took the thread as being about Obama and elitists. The initial post mentions others. Generally the wealthy left advocates income equality and the chicken hawk right is ready for war too easily.

So because someone who defends Trump hits out at Obama you say Trump's a traitor. I think Trump is an obnoxious idiot but didn't know that he collaborated with a state the US is at war with. This is why politics in the US have gotten so screwed up. I'm going to say the sun doesn't rise if someone I disagree with says it does.

Looking at your garage list, did this all hit a nerve?

I need to stay away from this subforum - it's as aggravating as flipping thru all the news channels.
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