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Epitome of elitism. They have a fortune in assets because they are special.

The reason anyone should care is they want to tax people in the middle.

If someone is really concerned about income inequality, there is a vehicle to address that problem. It's called charitable giving. US median income and wealth are something around $60,000 and $97,000, respectively. Please give your asset and income down to that level and do some good.

PS. I don't like 'chicken hawk' hypocrisy either before someone throws out a "what about...."
This would apply to more than just Obama. As for the "what about..." argument, its clear that the whole thread is a "what about Obama" response to criticism towards another politician that the creator of this thread has historically and vehemently supported. One can logically deduce that hypocrisy isn't unique to either person: but that's not the picture the OP wanted to paint. That would be too reasonable.
It really had nothing whatsoever to do with the Billionaire Trump - it was about how Barack has all along positioned himself as Robin Hood, but is a hypocrite - like the others I cited.

But now that you mention it... Trump has been anything but a hypocrite about his wealth. He loud, boisterous, and pretty much of an asshole about it. Which is why he's more real, and less "politician."
He's not a "politician". He's a reality star who embodies nepotism.
It's the same thing....
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